What should I wear?

I don’t direct my clients on what to wear unless they ask because I feel clothing tastes are very personal. Your clothes should reflect you! That said you probably want to be your “best you” in a photo, and some clothes do photograph better than others.

A few ideas for family clothing choices:

  • Whites for the parents with jewel tones for the kids (yellow, magenta, purples, navy, turquoise).
  • Earth tones for everyone in the family.
  • Darker, urban clothes for the parent and reds or oranges for the kids. If reds and oranges are too bright for your tastes, you might consider using bright colors in accessories.
  • Light colors for the whole family. White shirts and khakis for the parents and light-colored clothing for the kids for a light and airy summer look.


  • Some parents have found it easiest to select the clothes they themselves want to wear first, and then choose kids’ clothes that complement their own look.
  • Don’t be afraid of color! Color can make the photos look vibrant and fun.
  • Co-ordinate your outfits with everyone in the photo, but don’t match.
  • Layers look great. Hoodies under jackets, leggings under skirts, hat, scarves.
  • Add some texture with a beautiful knit sweater.
  • Accessorize! Pull out those red cowboy boots or big belt. Accessories don’t just have to be for clothes either. Feel to bring a red wagon, favorite stuffed animal, blankie or book to the session.
  • Bring along clothes to the session and I can help you decide what to wear. We can always make time for an outfit change, especially if it calls for a Batman shirt or cape!

Ready to go shopping?

If you’re in the shopping mood, here are some links to kids’ clothes that I think are really cute:

Garnet Hill kids:
www.garnethill.comGap Kids:

I love the modern and fresh feel of the Boden line.

JCrew and Crew Cuts for kids

Janie and Jack
This line tends toward very classic looks, most suitable for kids four and under.

Olive Juice
Classic, timeless children’s clothes.