Volunteer Park Family Portraits (Seattle family photographer)

Back in high school there was a time where I'd carry my camera around a lot. I'd try doing things like bouncing the flash in the hall and I spent a lot of time in the dark room working on the school newspaper. Now it turns out most of my photography sessions are people who remember me from back then with my camera. I eventually started feeling self conscious and stopped carrying it around altogether. Until now! Fortunately that nerdy period seems to have paid off because now I get to take photos of former classmates who have given birth to cuties such as this amazingly beautiful four year old. (He was so well behaved too!)

We spent the morning at Volunteer Park, the same place this guy's parents got married at quite a few years ago.

The mom asked me, "are we the most unphotogenic family you've photographed?" Ahem. That doesn't even warrant an answer.