Visiting the Horse Farm

Greetings readers! I have taken quite the break from my blog. It turns out if the weather hits higher than 72 in Seattle then I step away from my computer. This Seattle girl needs to dry out after a wet winter so I think the break is a good one. I haven't stepped away from my camera though, just the processing side. There will be plenty of alone time with me and my computer once the kiddos are back in school -- which will sadly be too soon, I fear.

The temperature is rising so I will make this a quick post. Here are some photos from late in June when our family spent a weekend with the Back Country Horsemen. I must admit I felt like a city slicker (I have steady internet connection and own a cat, not a goat or horse) but we all had a great time. The kids even got to ride horses. Britta said to me, "this is a really big day for me." So cute!

(NOTE: Do you notice the boots and winter parka my daughter is sporting? Keep in mind these photos were taken in LATE JUNE! More justification of my 72+ break from my computer.)