The Z Family's Photo Session

Remember how I've blogged that I got into photography because of scrapbooking? And you rolled your eyes, or laughed... or maybe even threw up in your mouth a little bit? (ha ha, for some reason when I mention scrapbooking to people there are some that freak out and I'm guessing that might just happen.) Anyway, my dear friend Shawna (the mom of this small tribe) is the one that got me hooked. Shawna and I have been through a lot together: high school newspaper (yes, I was one of the photographers!), living in LA at the same time and giving birth to our first boys one day a part, and the second ones fairly close together. I stopped at 2 while she stopped at 5. She has five kids. I married an entrepreneur. I think we're about even in the insanity department... hence such a long term friendship!

What a pleasure it was to capture this stunning family in images. As Shawna said, the photos look more peaceful with the sound off! x and o my friends!