Snoqualmie Family Photos

Here is a tiny sneak peek from a photo session with the family of Duane Duim of BluePrint Financial Partners (the dad pictured here). This summer, with the highest recommendations from several of my neighbors, Duane helped me and my crazy husband take a look at our present and our potential finances. Not an easy task when questions like "how much money will you make in the next few years (or even months)?" were almost impossible to answer, but Duane seemed unfazed as he provided us with a Plan A and a Plan B with margins and variations on both. It feels so much better to have a plan. Or at least a plan to have a plan because I'm still in the process of implementing all the pieces.

BTW, I found these questions of "what to ask when hiring a financial planner" on the internet and proceeded to interview several financial planners. (Yes, I felt a little silly but found it very worthwhile.) Duane was the only one who answered all of my questions perfectly.

I feel very lucky to have found Duane. I am honored he would trust me to take photos of his beautiful (and sweet!) family.