A little "Love is" for my blog (which needs some serious love!)

Once again I'm apologizing for not posting more. The good news is that I have been traveling! And if you know me, you know that makes me very, very happy, especially when it is to a foreign country with girlfriends! I must say I'm feeling blessed this 40th year of my life. The bad news is that on my trip my camera broke. Really broke. Like won't turn on broke. Now I'm going a little crazy. Yes, I will admit that I expect to see some foam coming out of my mouth very shortly if I don't get some sort of gear in my hands soon! I have a shoot scheduled next week so I will be figuring out how to manage that one without a camera! My film camera is also in the shop for focusing issues so there is no back up. And now it is very apparent to me that I must have a back up camera! Living without my camera is almost as bad as living without electricity. Well almost.

What are these photos I've just posted? These are some images I took for the school auction to use for the marketing materials. I used some of the images myself in this video I created. If you watch the video you may recognize a few. Speaking of the video, I had so much fun creating it. I had an inkling that if I ventured into the "movie making" end of things I'd be opening a new can of worms and indeed this appears to be true. The slideshow was created using iMovie but if I had a spare month or two on my hands where I could lock myself in my basement (insert laugh track) I'd dedicate myself to learning Premiere and AfterEffects and more about movie making... and audio. I hear multiple cans of worms opening as I type!

I'll stop my rambling now and embed the said slideshow:

Untitled from Jana Kleitsch on Vimeo.

Another project I created for the school auction was this canvas piece for the class project to to be auctioned. I didn't even find out who bought it or how much it went for, but that is okay too. I love this heart design and will add this template to my client offerings once I launch my new website. (Disclosure, remember that laugh track for the extra time to devote to things like this? Insert here too! I've been working on my new website for about six months now and it still needs a solid week of me pounding at it to make it presentable to you.) Stay tuned!