More good looking folks on the blog tonight!

This is officially a record for me photographing sessions and even posting to my blog. I had a quick photo session with this family last Saturday at Volunteer Park. I've known the parents of the top two kids ever since they did an awesome job as architects on my house. This is the whole good looking crew wanting to capture the time all the cousins were together while everyone was in town. (Smart and good looking, eh?)

I heart baby bellies!

My favorite photos are always the outtakes and the moments in between the shots.


What a week! I still have one session to process and another one to shoot. This was a fun session back at Lincoln Park. I need to always be mixing things up at various locations so Alec and I shot under the ferry dock (so cool!) and in front of this funky green cottage in addition to the park. He is building up a portfolio for his modeling career, which is sure to take off once they see his photo and meet him in person!