One of those "I'd better pinch myself" moments

A few nights ago we decided to take our little ghetto boat out for a picnic dinner cruise around Puget Sound (always a good excuse to have egg salad sandwiches for dinner!) We dropped an anchor which happened to be near a buoy. And that buoy just happened to be a regatta marker for the regatta that turned out to be coming right at us! The thought crossed our minds that perhaps we should move but the boats that came near didn't seem to mind. I did not want to move as I was enjoying my prime seat in the house with my 85mm lens and camera I happened to grab along when running out the door with the egg salad sandwiches. The battery was almost dead but managed to survive until after the last boat tacked around the buoy. I said to my husband, "this is living the good life." And yes, I really did pinch myself. We could not have had a better evening if we had planned it.