puget sound

One of those "I'd better pinch myself" moments

A few nights ago we decided to take our little ghetto boat out for a picnic dinner cruise around Puget Sound (always a good excuse to have egg salad sandwiches for dinner!) We dropped an anchor which happened to be near a buoy. And that buoy just happened to be a regatta marker for the regatta that turned out to be coming right at us! The thought crossed our minds that perhaps we should move but the boats that came near didn't seem to mind. I did not want to move as I was enjoying my prime seat in the house with my 85mm lens and camera I happened to grab along when running out the door with the egg salad sandwiches. The battery was almost dead but managed to survive until after the last boat tacked around the buoy. I said to my husband, "this is living the good life." And yes, I really did pinch myself. We could not have had a better evening if we had planned it.

Baby N turns one!

[audio:http://janakphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/01-20-Years.mp3|titles=01 20 Years]

In my last post I promised "beach photos coming soon". I meant from my trip to Mexico but alas those are on hold as I have some newer! more exciting! photos to post from a session with a very special one year old and his sister this week. I am trying something new on this post. I'm adding a music button so you can listen to music while you look at the photos. Trying this feature out on this particular family's photos makes a lot of sense too because this little guy's dad is a very talented musician. In fact, that is how I first met the Dad -- back in the days before diapers when he could still tour!

This was a fun session. I will either be popular with the neighbor kids (I used a pack of Skittles I found in my camera bag to bribe during this session) or they will hate me... when they are old enough to care about their cute little baby butt shots being taken by me. I'd better stock up on the skittles I guess.

My camera was starting to rust this January so these photos make me really happy -- especially because there is a lot of love for this family. (And look at their cute new beach house! Love!)