CATS -- and general love for the Hi-Liners

Here's a little plug for the Hi-Liners, a musical theater group in Burien. Last weekend I took the family to see their production of Cats and was impressed by the young talent. The show left me feeling inspired as it was truly one of the most creative and enjoyable shows I've seen. And did I mention I went to London this year and saw Mama Mia? So I'm really making a bold statement when I say I enjoyed it just as much... and for a fraction of the cost, and far closer to home. CATS is enjoyable for the whole family -- as soon as the production was over my daughter said, "let's go see that again!" My son has been taking Improv classes through the Hi-Liners and every summer since kindergarten he's been taking summer theater camps. Some boys play soccer, mine does theater camps. To show my support for this wonderful organization I am donating a Photo Session and 8x10 at their annual gala on October 27th. If you find yourself at the gala I'd love to have you bid on my item to support the Hi-Liners. We are lucky to have such creative talent available to teach our kids AND entertain us.

Gift Certificate for the Hi Liners auction by Jana K Photo & Design