Family photography

Good friends are the friends that aren't afraid to hole up with me in Britta's cat pinup bedroom with a guinea pig cage in dire need of some fresh liter to let me take some test portraits in unusual lighting -- and me making them do some silly things. (Is that too much of a run on sentence?)

Anywho, I'm loving the results from this little mini-session and I hope they are too! That was fun! Happy Spring everyone!

Burien family photography
Burien engagement photogpher

Discovery Park with my favorite female model

"Favorite female model" is AKA my daughter! The photo biz has been slow since the new year and I have to say it is driving me a bit nuts. My kids are really sick of me taking photos of them but I came to the conclusion that I should just pay them. Brilliant, right? My daughter agreed but son has been flown to a more tropical locale for the week to spend time with the grandparents. He made be a harder sell on My Plan. My photo biz may cause me to go broke unless I get some real customers soon.

My daughter and I went to Discovery Park in Magnolia in between this week's gale force storms. She found a zipline swing thing that she fell in love with (pictured below.) We walked a few trails to the historic area to play -- and capture more photos of course. I believe my dad was in the Army Reserves at Discovery Park so that made it even more interesting for me to think that soldiers in training once roamed this park.

We are in love with Discovery Park. If there is a reason to move to Magnolia, this park is it.

Up next, pet photos. (Yes, the lack of business is driving me to pet photography.)

Can you see my daughter on the swing? This is a view from afar.

Can you see my daughter on the swing? This is a view from afar.

Signs of spring!!!

Signs of spring!!!


West Seattle Family Photographer

Seattle Children's photographer My most recent posts make Seattle family photo sessions look nice and sunny. False advertising for my future photo sessions, I'm certain. These photos are from a recent session from Lincoln Park. The family loves to visit the park and sit under this tree. They thought photos under the tree would have special meaning to them. I love that! And the kids are sure adorable.