Senior photos Seattle style

I've known this stunning girl's mama since kindergarten when her family moved next door. It was no surprise that her daughter turned out to be as beautiful, nice and talented with the gene pool highly in her favor. We had a fun time shooting in her grandparent's amazing house, and then headed to one of my favorite feel-good Seattle places, the Olympic Sculpture Park. Growing up I never thought I'd be photographing my friend's kids, but how cool is it to be a tiny part of the next generation's memories? I'm feeling blessed.

Audrey Hepburn?

Her grandparent's have a library in their house that has forever made me dream of my own library in my house! One day!

(Tip: do not lean on the "artwork" at the Sculpture Park unless you want Big Brother to embarrassingly call you out via the loudspeaker.)

Engaged! (Seattle Arboretum Photo Session)

[audio:http://janakphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/05-Im-Yours.mp3|titles=05 I'm Yours]

Mark (the really cute guy in these photos) has been a friend of my husband and mine's since grade school and eventually was a groomsman in our wedding. Now the time has come for him to tie the knot to the obvious love of his life (knowing him since third grade I can honestly say I know this first hand!) I had a great time photographing Mark and Sonja and getting to see them interact in such a way that made me very happy my friend had found Sonja. We spent a morning at the arboretum to capture the beautiful fall colors. I'm so glad we did!

Seattle Senior Portrait Photographer

Burien senior portraitBurien senior portrait Burien senior portrait

No words are even needed for this session! I had the great fortune to photograph this gorgeous senior's portrait this weekend. We had a great time going from location to location, starting at the local high school and eventually down to the beach. Lately I've been photographing families with little children so this was a refreshing change of not having to bribe my subject with candy or chase her around! I wish her the best in her very, very bright future!