West Seattle Family Photographer

Seattle Children's photographer My most recent posts make Seattle family photo sessions look nice and sunny. False advertising for my future photo sessions, I'm certain. These photos are from a recent session from Lincoln Park. The family loves to visit the park and sit under this tree. They thought photos under the tree would have special meaning to them. I love that! And the kids are sure adorable.

Seattle Area Family Photographer

The reason I bought a digital SLR was to take photos of my family. The family I take photos of has expanded now that the word is out I'm a photo junkie. Recently I took some photos of my nephew Kaj for his upcoming third birthday.

Fortunately I have some CUTE family members. This guy reminds me so much of my brother.

And recently my cousins came to town with their kids. So of course I took photos. The family is spread across the USA so we don't get to see other often. Half of these cousins had never met before these photos, but they were insta-buddies.

Here's my daughter with my cousin's daughter. They were immediate BFFs. Wish they were still here!

Seattle family photographer

Yesterday I had the honor of photographing an extended family in the grandparents amazing yard. The grandparents were getting ready to move but just couldn't find any place that could compare. No surprise!

I love this photo where they all look so happy and relaxed to be together.

Here are the grandparents with all their grandkids.... with one grandson hamming it up.

Grandma and grandpa were super cute. Here they are near their beautiful dogwood trees and hydrangeas. I have serious garden envy!

We ended the session with the kids playing and me just capturing some casual shots. The playing turned into a sort of bean bag tag. The kids had a blast. It is fun to watch cousins have so much fun together.

And this beautiful little girl doesn't take a bad photo! Future top model.

What a beautiful day for a family photo session. I am so happy they asked me to capture their special moments.

Planning a pajama party

Someone was so happy to have her mom suggest, "Why don't you jump on the bed?" Because unless it was for a photo shoot, those words would never come out of my mouth. Anything for a photo opp.

A soon to be six year old is having a party tonight. She's been carefully planning all the details of her party for the last six months. It is quite impressive. Unfortunately the "host" (me) has come down with a summer cold and I feel TERRIBLE. Not to mention all the fluids leaking from my face make me LOOK terrible too. The party isn't until after dinner but so far I've taken sudafed, Emergence C, breakfast tea and some crazy, wild coffee my husband brewed up for me. I hope I can maintain this shaky buzz the rest of the day. It's okay for a mom to look like a meth head at her daughter's party, right? Probably even expected.

This photo cracks me up. It wasn't planned to cut off her head.

Ah, that was fun.

West Seattle child photography

Michael Jackson's "Pretty Young Thing" song is playing while I upload these photos. How appropriate, as this little girl is certainly that!

The family is not originally from the Seattle area so archiving their Pacific Northwest neighborhood for the grandparents to see was a goal for PYT's one year photos.

Ferries of course!

And crow chasing. Crows are universal though, right?

PYT was so happy and agreeable. She especially liked the swings. Not a peep out of her... only some drool. What a fun photo shoot!

Happy birthday PYT! Hard to believe it has been a whole year since we were planning your baby shower!