Seattle photo session location ideas

Seatac Botanical GardensI find myself emailing clients location ideas for photo sessions quite frequently. Now this email is right here on my blog for easy reference. Enjoy! Disclaimer: Each location will look different depending on the season. Sometimes foliage and blooms will be present, but perhaps not if it is the dead of a Seattle winter. Also times of day and weather will make a difference too so keep in mind that I will never be to completely recreate the look of any of these sessions. Each session is unique, but this is a nice list to get us started.

Seatac Botanical Gardens Yes, this place exists and has so many different backdrop locations. Truly beautiful.

Seattle Center / EMP Lots of fun, modern spots to shoot here.

Lincoln Park in West Seattle I have been able to find great portrait light at Lincoln Park. I'm a fan!

The Normandy Park Cove or Redondo Beach Judging by the amount of links from the Cove it is safe to say that yes, it is one of my favorite locations to shoot!

Highline High School The font of the school is amazing! All the brick and columns…. and if you went to Highline this could be cool (or not. ha ha.)

University of Washington Campus

A funky retro motel in Sodo I love the mint green color of this place.

The Sculpture Park This is another one of my favorite locations for all the variety and cool factor.

Funky place near 4th ave in Sodo I'm not sure I could find this place again (plus it did feel a bit dangerous on this session because we had to hop a fence!)

Pike Place Market / Post Alley

Volunteer Park

Ferry ride

OTHER IDEAS Gas Works Park, The Bay Pavilion, Georgetown, and of course the arboretum. A favorite park, a favorite coffee shop make for special locations. For the most special and enduring location of all, do not discount your house! Years from now you will appreciate capturing and documenting your family in your home.

And of course I'm always happy to travel to Hawaii, San Diego, Mexico, Lake Chelan, Seabrook, Europe, NYC... or Tacoma! I love to travel. Let's make it happen.