What a week! I still have one session to process and another one to shoot. This was a fun session back at Lincoln Park. I need to always be mixing things up at various locations so Alec and I shot under the ferry dock (so cool!) and in front of this funky green cottage in addition to the park. He is building up a portfolio for his modeling career, which is sure to take off once they see his photo and meet him in person!

Sneak Peek for Laren Watson's Eating Well : Living Well

Lucky for me I have so many amazing women friends branching out and going for new careers in their 40s. Laren Watson is one of them!

I met Laren many, many years ago when I was working as a design recruiter for Filter (see previous post regarding Kristin). I sent her to Adobe for a design job and she was a big hit which in turn me look like a good recruiter with my client!

Fast forward 15 or so years later and we ran into each other at a kid birthday party in our neighborhood. I was really happy to reconnect with her and we've been buddies ever since.

Laren's love of eating a healthy diet has made a big difference in her life. So much so that she started studying how she can help other people find the right diet for them. And now she is just about to open the doors to her own business, Eating Well : Living Well as a holistic health and nutrition counselor. I recommend you give her a call and set up an appointment before she gets too busy!

I can't believe I have written so much without mentioning anything about the images! Laren and I spent a morning in her yard/orchard/luxury hen house taking some photos and then we hit the Burien Farmer's Market for some fresh produce and flowers.

We ended our fun morning with lunch at Grand Central Bakery. Fun morning that didn't feel a bit like work! Have I mentioned I love being a photographer? I do!

Best of luck to Laren and her new venture! Check out her Facebook page to see her beautiful logo too. She still has the designer chops!

Making a life, not a living

One of my BFF's, Kristin Knight bought a small staffing agency when she was just 21. She grew the company until she became what I teasingly (but accurately) like to call her, a "mogul." Now that she's 40 something and spent the last twenty plus years building her empire she's looking for something new and something creative. She's not sure what will come but she's excited about it. I'm excited just watching her. I told her that I'm sort of in the same place although I'm far from a mogul. My empire only expands as far as two kids, a husband and our new kitten, but I'm also in the situation where I'm more interested in building the life I want to live versus just working for the dollar (for the moment at least). Hopefully the two will one day merge, but for now I'm content just building my skills as a photographer and seeing where this journey will take me.

I don't think my husband (an aspiring mogul) can understand wanting to do spend so much time on a career I don't make any money at. In fact, I pretty much LOSE money running a photography business with all the gear I buy and classes I take. But doing photography brings me so much joy. I love capturing images of people and if they are paying me they don't generally mind me taking photo after photo of them. If I didn't have clients I wouldn't be able to get the shots I want to get.

The funny thing about my husband shaking his head at me turning down some great design jobs so I can spend more time NOT making enough money to cover my expenses is that I felt the same way about him when he was creating his own company. He was turning down well paying corporate jobs to do his thing for zero pay. In fact it cost us money for him to run a company because he needed to hire developers and fly around to meet with people, etc, etc. He was passionate enough to work his ass off for free building his own company and it is currently paying our bills. I remember being jealous of his passion for his work. Now I have passion again. Hopefully the money will follow for me too, but for now I'm so happy to have a moment where I can concentrate on what I want to do versus just bring home a paycheck.

Anyway, this is a really long introduction to the photos I took of Kristin last week to kick start her new life as a creative consultant, philanthropist, angel investor, yogi master, chauffeur to her kids, world traveler and champion of women's causes (human trafficking in particular.) I'm inspired by her passion and am excited to see where this next stage of life will take her. She too is now looking to design a life instead of just chasing a living. She is making the 40s look GOOD!

I'm thinking Kristin can add "model" to her list of potential second careers too!