destination wedding

San Diego Destination Wedding

A wedding for a photographer doesn't get more special than this: my sister in law (and dear friend)'s wedding to the most amazing gentleman! Now here's the twist: I was the maid of honor AND the photographer! Tricky indeed! I was really lucky to have met another photographer (and friend) in San Diego who helped me capture the moments that would have been tricky while I was a part of the wedding party. Not only that, it was reassuring to have someone in-the-know help a newbie wedding photographer out. I was nervous! Thanks a million Wendy Gibson!

We just returned from San Diego last night and I still have many, many more images to cull, crop and edit but here are a few of just the bride and groom on the beautiful San Diego beach I wanted to post. I'd love to spend the rest of the day going through the photos of the beautiful bride and groom in paradise but my car sits in the driveway with a flat tire and freelance projects await. More photos to come!

UPDATE: How did I forget to post this one? I love the cute surfer dude who walked into my frame. Pure San Diego!