Reese - One year!

I've been photographing this little lady every few months for first year of her life. It has been great -- I walk next door and get my baby fix and photograph the best smiles. Happy first year Reese! It has been fun watching you grow! And I think Reese may go down in the books as the most agreeable baby I've ever photographed! No meltdowns in four sessions? Awesome.


More good looking folks on the blog tonight!

This is officially a record for me photographing sessions and even posting to my blog. I had a quick photo session with this family last Saturday at Volunteer Park. I've known the parents of the top two kids ever since they did an awesome job as architects on my house. This is the whole good looking crew wanting to capture the time all the cousins were together while everyone was in town. (Smart and good looking, eh?)

I heart baby bellies!

My favorite photos are always the outtakes and the moments in between the shots.

West Seattle child photography

Michael Jackson's "Pretty Young Thing" song is playing while I upload these photos. How appropriate, as this little girl is certainly that!

The family is not originally from the Seattle area so archiving their Pacific Northwest neighborhood for the grandparents to see was a goal for PYT's one year photos.

Ferries of course!

And crow chasing. Crows are universal though, right?

PYT was so happy and agreeable. She especially liked the swings. Not a peep out of her... only some drool. What a fun photo shoot!

Happy birthday PYT! Hard to believe it has been a whole year since we were planning your baby shower!