Happy Father's Day (via Blurb books)

Making a Blurb book for my husband's Father's Day gift reminded me of why/how I got into photography in the first place. I started off as a scrapbooker much to the amusement of many friends. I felt I needed to document our lives but the photography aspect started to take over. After working on this book though I was reminded of my main goal of preserving our memories.

One of the best things I did on our mid-winter break trip to San Francisco and Carmel was to write down quotes that the family members said that I wanted to remember. I inserted the quotes into the photos on some of the pages of the book and now those are my favorite pages. Note to self: Don't stop recording the quotes! These are equally as important as the photos.

I riffed off of Erin Cobb's photoshop templates from here to create the book: It still took me quite a while to create the book but hopefully going forward it will be faster, because I'm determined to make more books.

Happy Father's Day!