beach Seattle photograher family

Take Two

I first tried to photograph this family last Saturday. It had been beautiful all day but when I got to Lincoln Park in West Seattle the rain started to pour. We moved the party to Endolyne Joe's and had a good time sans camera instead. We rescheduled for later in the week and what a blessing. The day was the best of the year. We had a great time and the little girl who just turned one was hands down the best behaved, zen baby ever. What a treat!

This was the little girl's first time on a swing. She liked it!

Love the little toes!

I've been friends with this dad since high school. Good to see he can clean up so well!

And his beautiful wife. Score!

The West Seattle Ferry is off to Vashon Island.

Mommy and her girl.

Daddy and his girl. So sweet!

Good to see such a happy couple.

Family Photo session at the Olympic Sculpture Park

I had so much fun with this family at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Britt and I met years and years ago working on a project where I was the designer and she the writer. Fast forward to present day I needed some copy for my up and coming new photography website and she was the first (and really only) person who came to mind. (Don't look around for better copy just yet as I have yet to launch my new site. Current crappy text is no reflection of her work!) I love that we were able to connect again years later for new projects. Had it not been for the beautiful girl in the photos, I could have sworn not a day had passed since we last spoke. I love friends like that! I hope you enjoy your photos, Britt, Brian and Ava!

Seattle Family Beach Photographer

Seattle family beach photograher Photographing two year olds can be a challenge if you can imagine. Do you have a client that walks around saying, "no no no no no no no no?" Well I do! Granted, we did wake him up from his nap and then put a lens in his face. I'd probably be saying the same thing. That said, look at this little guy! How adorable. Full disclosure, he is my nephew! Yes, of course I think he is incredibly cute.

Seattle family beach photographer

Here he is again, this time with big brother. I am a proud auntie of these two!