I'm a huge fan of wandering... especially if I have a camera in hand ... and am on a beach. I couldn't resist adding the quote to this photo.

Our family took a trip to Seabrook, Washington this weekend. We loved it! It ranks in my top three places to visit in Washington. Here are a few photos of my nephew who didn't run from my camera. Four year olds are so fun.

And like father like son. My childhood memories of my brother include rocks and sticks. The next generation continues with that love.

Baby N turns one!

[audio:|titles=01 20 Years]

In my last post I promised "beach photos coming soon". I meant from my trip to Mexico but alas those are on hold as I have some newer! more exciting! photos to post from a session with a very special one year old and his sister this week. I am trying something new on this post. I'm adding a music button so you can listen to music while you look at the photos. Trying this feature out on this particular family's photos makes a lot of sense too because this little guy's dad is a very talented musician. In fact, that is how I first met the Dad -- back in the days before diapers when he could still tour!

This was a fun session. I will either be popular with the neighbor kids (I used a pack of Skittles I found in my camera bag to bribe during this session) or they will hate me... when they are old enough to care about their cute little baby butt shots being taken by me. I'd better stock up on the skittles I guess.

My camera was starting to rust this January so these photos make me really happy -- especially because there is a lot of love for this family. (And look at their cute new beach house! Love!)

San Diego Destination Wedding

A wedding for a photographer doesn't get more special than this: my sister in law (and dear friend)'s wedding to the most amazing gentleman! Now here's the twist: I was the maid of honor AND the photographer! Tricky indeed! I was really lucky to have met another photographer (and friend) in San Diego who helped me capture the moments that would have been tricky while I was a part of the wedding party. Not only that, it was reassuring to have someone in-the-know help a newbie wedding photographer out. I was nervous! Thanks a million Wendy Gibson!

We just returned from San Diego last night and I still have many, many more images to cull, crop and edit but here are a few of just the bride and groom on the beautiful San Diego beach I wanted to post. I'd love to spend the rest of the day going through the photos of the beautiful bride and groom in paradise but my car sits in the driveway with a flat tire and freelance projects await. More photos to come!

UPDATE: How did I forget to post this one? I love the cute surfer dude who walked into my frame. Pure San Diego!

Family Portrait Fun (beach + popsicles!)

Burien Normandy Park Des Moines Family Photographer

My most recent family photo session was with a great family on one of those rare, perfect Seattle days. We had fun walking the pier at the Des Moines Redondo Beach (popsicles!) and then heading to the Normandy Park Cove to run in the grass and check out the play equipment. I love these play date photo sessions. Thanks to the family for letting me share one of the best Seattle days ever! Enjoy your photos (through the less than stellar winter months especially!)