Seattle portrait family

Family photography

Good friends are the friends that aren't afraid to hole up with me in Britta's cat pinup bedroom with a guinea pig cage in dire need of some fresh liter to let me take some test portraits in unusual lighting -- and me making them do some silly things. (Is that too much of a run on sentence?)

Anywho, I'm loving the results from this little mini-session and I hope they are too! That was fun! Happy Spring everyone!

Burien family photography
Burien engagement photogpher

I heart ferry boats

Britta on the ferry Our family took a boat ride today. We had planned on taking our own little boat out for the first time of the season. Unfortunately there was a problem with the steering in that it would only go straight! Because we actually would like to return back home after riding a boat we took the ferry instead. Not quite as zippy, but more room for running around....

funny ferry face ...and making funny faces when Mom was trying to take their photo. Here I did get them to smile sweetly. How nice.

[caption id="attachment_312" align="aligncenter" width="650" caption="kids on the ferry"][/caption]

And here ends one of the best weekends of 2010. I had a taste of the sweet Seattle summer and I am ready!

A sweet photo shoot

[caption id="attachment_148" align="aligncenter" width="675" caption="Valetine\'s day photo shoot inspiration"]Valetine's day photo shoot inspiration[/caption] I love the idea of a Valentine's Day photo shoot with a special touch. I looked around the web and found a few items that would sweeten any photo shoot of your little one or family. I want the "mom" item for myself!

Here are the sites where I found the goods: Mom



Sister (coat)

Sister (headband)




Baby girl

Baby brother


Email me if you'd like to book your own shoot! I have four slots open in time for Valetine's Day.