Seattle band photos: The First Times

I'd say it is a sign of a photo session gone well when I can't select which photos to upload for the sneak peek. I liked this one because I could imagine it in the fold out pamphlet of their upcoming CD.

And this one I can picture as the cover of a CD with the album title with The First Times, the band's name below. I was tempted to mock it up!

I should mention that my photo shoots aren't without a hint of danger. This rusty thing hardly looked safe, and to get to the train tracks we had to venture into iffy territory. I'll leave it at that.

The photo shoot was really fun and I can't wait to hear the band play some time. I didn't think I'd be hip enough for band photography (with my NPR problem and all) but they were good sports hopping into my dirty minivan for location scouting.

Thanks for taking a chance with me guys. I enjoyed my Annie Leibovitz day. I'd love to do more band photography, if anyone is game.