Family photography

Good friends are the friends that aren't afraid to hole up with me in Britta's cat pinup bedroom with a guinea pig cage in dire need of some fresh liter to let me take some test portraits in unusual lighting -- and me making them do some silly things. (Is that too much of a run on sentence?)

Anywho, I'm loving the results from this little mini-session and I hope they are too! That was fun! Happy Spring everyone!

Burien family photography
Burien engagement photogpher

The D family photo session : Steel Lake, Federal Way

I had the pleasure of photographing this family's session last week. Or maybe it was almost two weeks ago... time is flying! It doesn't seem that long ago that we were having a baby shower at work for their baby -- who obviously is no longer a baby! Yes, time really is flying. We went to Steel Lake in Federal Way. I had never been there before but was impressed by the most amazing play equipment I've seen. It was a fun day and the sun even peeked out here and there during our session -- a real treat!

Have you ever seen such fancy shoes catch so much air?

And from a tree in front of their yard. According to the D family it is the "cherry-less cherry tree". If it blooms like that I guess I'd be okay with having a cherry-less cherry tree in my yard too!

Go Dawgs (Family portrait session at the UW)

I have to admit I was feeling a little grouchy before I started working on these photos. I had taken these photos a few weeks ago but getting my new computer set up and having to take care of other pressing issues has delayed me in getting to these photos.

But then I started editing the photos from a family session at the University of Washington and I remembered how much I LOVE capturing families at play.

How could I not smile when seeing this adorable family and their wonderful interaction.

And all the details! The multi-colored nails...

Little Annalise can whistle almost all the Star Wars tunes! Quite the talent! And did you see those curls?!

The personality of the family really shines through. Sigh. I am a happy person once again.

West Seattle Family Photographer

Seattle Children's photographer My most recent posts make Seattle family photo sessions look nice and sunny. False advertising for my future photo sessions, I'm certain. These photos are from a recent session from Lincoln Park. The family loves to visit the park and sit under this tree. They thought photos under the tree would have special meaning to them. I love that! And the kids are sure adorable.

The Z Family's Photo Session

Remember how I've blogged that I got into photography because of scrapbooking? And you rolled your eyes, or laughed... or maybe even threw up in your mouth a little bit? (ha ha, for some reason when I mention scrapbooking to people there are some that freak out and I'm guessing that might just happen.) Anyway, my dear friend Shawna (the mom of this small tribe) is the one that got me hooked. Shawna and I have been through a lot together: high school newspaper (yes, I was one of the photographers!), living in LA at the same time and giving birth to our first boys one day a part, and the second ones fairly close together. I stopped at 2 while she stopped at 5. She has five kids. I married an entrepreneur. I think we're about even in the insanity department... hence such a long term friendship!

What a pleasure it was to capture this stunning family in images. As Shawna said, the photos look more peaceful with the sound off! x and o my friends!