Seattle Senior Portrait Photographer

Burien senior portraitBurien senior portrait Burien senior portrait

No words are even needed for this session! I had the great fortune to photograph this gorgeous senior's portrait this weekend. We had a great time going from location to location, starting at the local high school and eventually down to the beach. Lately I've been photographing families with little children so this was a refreshing change of not having to bribe my subject with candy or chase her around! I wish her the best in her very, very bright future!

Baby N turns one!

[audio:http://janakphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/01-20-Years.mp3|titles=01 20 Years]

In my last post I promised "beach photos coming soon". I meant from my trip to Mexico but alas those are on hold as I have some newer! more exciting! photos to post from a session with a very special one year old and his sister this week. I am trying something new on this post. I'm adding a music button so you can listen to music while you look at the photos. Trying this feature out on this particular family's photos makes a lot of sense too because this little guy's dad is a very talented musician. In fact, that is how I first met the Dad -- back in the days before diapers when he could still tour!

This was a fun session. I will either be popular with the neighbor kids (I used a pack of Skittles I found in my camera bag to bribe during this session) or they will hate me... when they are old enough to care about their cute little baby butt shots being taken by me. I'd better stock up on the skittles I guess.

My camera was starting to rust this January so these photos make me really happy -- especially because there is a lot of love for this family. (And look at their cute new beach house! Love!)

Sneak Peek for Laren Watson's Eating Well : Living Well

Lucky for me I have so many amazing women friends branching out and going for new careers in their 40s. Laren Watson is one of them!

I met Laren many, many years ago when I was working as a design recruiter for Filter (see previous post regarding Kristin). I sent her to Adobe for a design job and she was a big hit which in turn me look like a good recruiter with my client!

Fast forward 15 or so years later and we ran into each other at a kid birthday party in our neighborhood. I was really happy to reconnect with her and we've been buddies ever since.

Laren's love of eating a healthy diet has made a big difference in her life. So much so that she started studying how she can help other people find the right diet for them. And now she is just about to open the doors to her own business, Eating Well : Living Well as a holistic health and nutrition counselor. I recommend you give her a call and set up an appointment before she gets too busy!

I can't believe I have written so much without mentioning anything about the images! Laren and I spent a morning in her yard/orchard/luxury hen house taking some photos and then we hit the Burien Farmer's Market for some fresh produce and flowers.

We ended our fun morning with lunch at Grand Central Bakery. Fun morning that didn't feel a bit like work! Have I mentioned I love being a photographer? I do!

Best of luck to Laren and her new venture! Check out her Facebook page to see her beautiful logo too. She still has the designer chops!

Family Portrait Fun (beach + popsicles!)

Burien Normandy Park Des Moines Family Photographer

My most recent family photo session was with a great family on one of those rare, perfect Seattle days. We had fun walking the pier at the Des Moines Redondo Beach (popsicles!) and then heading to the Normandy Park Cove to run in the grass and check out the play equipment. I love these play date photo sessions. Thanks to the family for letting me share one of the best Seattle days ever! Enjoy your photos (through the less than stellar winter months especially!)

11 grandkids united!

I had the fortune to photograph 11 grandkids from around the country with their grandparents at their beach home last week. The daughter of the grandparents was a former colleague of mine from middle school. I hadn't seen her in probably 25 years but I must say she has held up wonderfully and has a beautiful family to match. These photos remind me of why I got into photography in the first place: to create photos that will last for generations. Family photos will be cherished.

What a perfect day on the beach with a great family!