Sneak peek: Queen Anne family photo session

[audio:|titles=02 What Can I Do (But Love You)]

Beautiful house, beautiful family, not much more a photographer could want in a session. Once again, candy was used for bribery purposes and lucky for me the candy hearts ended up making fun photos too just in time for Valentine's Day. Totally not planned. One thing to note is that parents worry that their children are too energetic but really that makes for the most fun photos in my opinion. I just sit back with my camera and capture the magic and personality of a fun family interacting. These sessions end up being my favorite.

On another note unrelated to this post, I plan on adding more watermarks to my photos going forward. I hate to do it but after reading this article yesterday regarding photographers finding their images on websites I've decided to be more proactive in preventing photo stealing from happening. I think it looks terrible though so I am going to tread lightly and not watermark through faces as I've seen other photographers do.