A few years ago I made a meager attempt to be a scrapbooker. I loved looking at the scrapbooked pages because amongst the daily chaos, tiredness, and frustration that comes along with being a parent I could flip through the books and think, "Wow, we really have a nice life." Eventually the photo taking became my obsession and the scrapbooking went wayside, but I still tried to take photos so we could recall "oh yes, we have a beautiful life."

Today I took a photo (the one on the left) of the I story I wanted to preserve: a girl with fresh curls, designer sweater (thanks mother-in-law!!) and a sweet smile. I had to bribe my daughter to get this photo. Immediately after she went into her pig sty to play her new obsession, her Nintendo DS. For taking the sweet photo in the fancy sweater I said she could play the DS for a bit. As it turns out she could spend hours "feeding" her virtual Littlest Pet Shop pets.

But holy moly! What happened to that room? I cleaned it twice the day before. Obviously that hardly matters. I took the photo on the right because I thought, "One day when she's away at college and I'm lamenting the empty nest I'm going to need some photos like this." I'm going to strive for a little more reality in my personal photos this year.