Planning a pajama party

Someone was so happy to have her mom suggest, "Why don't you jump on the bed?" Because unless it was for a photo shoot, those words would never come out of my mouth. Anything for a photo opp.

A soon to be six year old is having a party tonight. She's been carefully planning all the details of her party for the last six months. It is quite impressive. Unfortunately the "host" (me) has come down with a summer cold and I feel TERRIBLE. Not to mention all the fluids leaking from my face make me LOOK terrible too. The party isn't until after dinner but so far I've taken sudafed, Emergence C, breakfast tea and some crazy, wild coffee my husband brewed up for me. I hope I can maintain this shaky buzz the rest of the day. It's okay for a mom to look like a meth head at her daughter's party, right? Probably even expected.

This photo cracks me up. It wasn't planned to cut off her head.

Ah, that was fun.