Single section focus points on the Nikon d600

I am happy to write that these Senior Photos of this sweet and gorgeous girl - and flowers - were taken with my new Nikon d600. I was planning on buying this camera "in the future" which means in the next ten years. But then my Nikon d700 went in the shop (and still isn't out) and my Nikon F100 was still in the shop and I needed a camera fast before foam started coming out of my mouth, or even worse, irate clients' mouths.

I'm not generally a super early adopter of new technology. I like to have others test the waters and report back before I jump in but this was a clear indication of why I needed another camera or at least a decent back up camera. So I bought. And then I spent my Friday night reading the manual cover to cover. After reading it I STILL couldn't figure out how to toggle through the focus points like I was doing on my d700. (Disclaimer: I should have prefaced this post with a high geek factor warning if you hadn't figured that out via the blog title already!)

I hit You Tube looking for how other people set up their Nikon d600s for this. Nada. I searched The Google for about two days! Then I finally found it on DPReview buried deep in a discussion thread.

It is really easy to set up your d600 for single selection focus points. Here's how:

1. On the front of your camera you find a switch with a button that says "AF/M". Hold that button.

2. Through the view finder you will see AF_ on the left side of the screen and the letter S or the word Auto. Auto is the default. Switch it to "S" using the front dial. Switch the "AFC" to "AFS" using the dial on the back of your camera.

3. Now you are ready to start toggling through the focus points using the "joystick" where the "OK" button is.

This is not the best "tutorial" as I have not included images of the camera or a You Tube video but I wanted to get the word out that, yes, you CAN singly select a focus point on the Nikon d600. I had almost given up hope for this feature and am happy to share. Now I'm going back to my late adopter of technology so other people can figure this stuff out and post it to the internet first!