My artist date

I recently bought this book, The Artist's Way to read for inspiration. Really, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it turns out the book is a 12 week program. One of the items you have to commit to is an "artist date" with yourself for two hours once a week. I liked this one! Wow, two hours doing something fun and inspiring for myself? Sign me up! But then my husband told me he thought my commitment level to this program was low. Nothing like having the husband call me out on my low commitment level to challenge me, especially since I was most worried about taking time away from him and the kids to do this. But with the husband's challenge and blessing, I'm doing it! There's a contract to sign in the book so today I'll be taking some ink to it. We'll see where this ride takes me. My first artist date is late this afternoon, and I must say the thought of it has put a little energy in my step today.