Mexico and COLOR (Part 1)

Whew, I took an unintentional break from blogging most of January it seems. Sadly my server was hacked and created a bit of a nightmare for me. Then a cold knocked out my energy and finally a snow storm knocked out our power. I can't be kept away from blogging for long though, especially when I have so many photos of Mexico to post! Our family took an unexpected "emergency vacation" to Mexico for the holidays this year. The "emergency" being that my husband works far too much without taking vacations and finally he demanded we take two weeks off in the sun and UNPLUG. We scrambled to put together a trip and serendipity brought us to San Pancho, Mexico and landed at the awesome Gata Gorda Inn. Last summer at the FIND workshop (yet another reason to love the FIND workshop, it is the workshop that keeps on giving!) I met an American wedding photographer Jill Mitchell living in Mexico. I was intrigued but then determined to visit myself after I heard the description of "old world, magical, charming cobblestone streets and amazing beach" after another FINDer (yeah, more love for the FIND family), Catherine Abegg (CALIMA Portraits) visited. Say no more. I fell in love with this town and the Gata Gorda Inn. Andy, my husband and I had road tripped through Baja in 1994 for 3 months and we developed a love for the country. That said, we hadn't been back to Mexico since 2004 due to the perceived "danger" of the drug cartels. Fortunately we found this little beach gem of a town seemingly untouched by the drug wars (read this article for more info). The town was a haven for surfers, artists, hippies, gringos, expats and mexicans alike -- and they all intermingle. My idea of heaven -- and I immediately started thinking, how can I retire here?

All right, enough with this prelude! Let's get on with the photos of COLOR! And seriously, I mean color. No monochromatic gray of everything in Seattle. Did I mention I was in heaven? Indeed. (Part 2 will be beach photos, I promise.)