Learning to swim

I'm frantically working on getting our annual Christmas calendars done before the holidays. I thought I'd have all week to get organized for Christmas but alas, I have had a sick kid home this week, a plumber shutting off our water and the power was out for a good day. On top of this, school has been canceled for the last two days this week due to the conferences being rescheduled.

So here I blog. I found these photos while selecting photos for our holiday calendar. My husband was helping teach my daughter to swim last spring. It worked! By the end of the summer I wasn't even joining her in the pool while she swam. It took me 9 Mom Years to get to that point, and I celebrated by reading a fashion magazine poolside. Bliss.

I like the mental break these memories provide courtesy of photos. It is great to recall the nice weather (while I sit in rainy Seattle) and memories of my daughter reluctant to swim.

I shall snap on. As if there was any question of that! Happy holidays friends!