Is it Christmas yet?

Last Thanksgiving I was stalking photographers I most admire on Flickr when I stumbled across an image from Leah (one of my biggest idols) with the photo description saying she and Deb Schwendhelm (another one of my stalking victims) are hosting a photographer's retreat.

Now normally I would dillydally about signing up for these things. Should I go? Should I not? Until I'd most likely not have to make a decision because the registration would finally close. Not this time. I hit the sign up button within minutes (which was very good because it sold out in three days). Not typical Jana behavior. Ever since that moment I've been giddy with anticipation and even recruited my friend Fran to go too. I can't wait to soak up everyone's creativity, learn and come back inspired.

March 12 needs to hurry up and get here, because I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Note: The images above are for the ones I submitted for the portfolio review. We were instructed to pick the images WE love, not one a client or someone else would pick. These are mine, and I have to admit it was difficult to pick my ten.