First Artist Date Rating: C

How could my first artist date score so low? Personally I felt it went quite well but according to the rules, I have to deduct some points for not carving out the full two hours and for allowing others to "crash" my artist date. I was on my way to Ballard because for some reason Ballard seems to be a place to bring out my inner artist -- and inner scandinavian (or outer Scandinavian since most people looking at me may easily guess my ancestory). I was barely on the road when the "I remember when I lost my mind" Gnarles Barkley ring tone interrupted me. It was my BFF . "I think we should meet up before movie club to have dinner. How is 5:30?" And because I adore any rare time at all with BFF I said, "yes, although I'm supposed to say no." My car made a U turn into downtown Seattle instead of Ballard.

Now I had dwindled my self date down to one hour. No matter. I decided to stop into Peter Miller Books, Paper Haus and then wander down to the Pike Place Market when who did I see? Kellianne who I was going to see a movie with in just a few hours anyway. "Join Buster and me at the Virginia Inn for happy hour!" And since I can hardly decline to join two awesome friends for happy hour at one of my favorite Seattle joints I said, "okay." Plus I should mention that Buster was one of my inspirations for buying The Artist's Way and he has started this great site to facilitate the Artist's Way program. How could I pass this up?

So before I joined my friends I hit the Pike Place Market....


Broke out of my rut and bought tulips for myself of all different colors instead of all the same colors....

... listened to a drunken busker belt out "Oh Canada!" (What an awesome national anthem. I never knew it could be a fun party song.)

... I peeked into all kinds of funky market places, like the Tenzing Momo and admired a really huge nose ring and some funky smells....

and then I wandered back to the Virginia Inn with mis amigos for happy hour before seeing Straight Man (an AMAZING movie I highly recommend.)

Wow, what a great night. I'm ready for my next artist date. I'm thinking of going to hear Ryan Burns play some jazz at Tula's. Although Ry is a great friend so perhaps my artist dates are doomed. Aiming for at least a B grade next time!