Discovery Park with my favorite female model

"Favorite female model" is AKA my daughter! The photo biz has been slow since the new year and I have to say it is driving me a bit nuts. My kids are really sick of me taking photos of them but I came to the conclusion that I should just pay them. Brilliant, right? My daughter agreed but son has been flown to a more tropical locale for the week to spend time with the grandparents. He made be a harder sell on My Plan. My photo biz may cause me to go broke unless I get some real customers soon.

My daughter and I went to Discovery Park in Magnolia in between this week's gale force storms. She found a zipline swing thing that she fell in love with (pictured below.) We walked a few trails to the historic area to play -- and capture more photos of course. I believe my dad was in the Army Reserves at Discovery Park so that made it even more interesting for me to think that soldiers in training once roamed this park.

We are in love with Discovery Park. If there is a reason to move to Magnolia, this park is it.

Up next, pet photos. (Yes, the lack of business is driving me to pet photography.)

Can you see my daughter on the swing? This is a view from afar.

Can you see my daughter on the swing? This is a view from afar.

Signs of spring!!!

Signs of spring!!!


Happy new year!

(A cute one of the Polar Bear and his Mrs. right before the Three Tree Point Polar Bear Plunge.)

Happy new year! I want to thank you every one of you who have supported me this past year. It means more than I can ever say to have a supportive community.

I've been sick the last few days so I will make this short. I will be posting about the Olivia Act soon where I am offering a free family session to a family who would appreciate the gift of photographs. Hopefully tomorrow will be that day as I am sick of being sick and want to get back to being a productive human again!

Welcome 2013!

Hood river

So I'm a little slow on the posting, but here are some images from a quick trip to Hood River we took this summer. As someone who traveled quite a bit this year (have I mentioned I had the best travel year EVER this year?) I couldn't help but think the Hood River, Oregon is up there with oh say, the South of France. Yes, I said it! Save your money on international airfare and head to Oregon instead!We took the scenic drive along the old Highway up to Mosier (where my husband lived in a double wide with a bunch of dudes one summer) and the light was shining in the grasses so I made the family hop out of the car and let me photograph them in THAT LIGHT. I'm happy they complied!

The next day we took a family bike ride on the old Highway that has been converted into a trail. My daughter wore metallic gladiator sandals, a mini skirt and a sequenced tank top. My husband had supervised her packing... so I guess he thinks that is a good outfit for bike rides? Anywho, she managed to ride her bike looking that cute.

Next we stopped at Doug's Beach, one of my husband's favorite places to windsurf. He has a bad back now and hasn't been able to sail since the surgery. He loved showing our son all the windsurfers --although being there and not being able to sail was really painful for him!

We ended our trip with a stop at the "Stonehenge" in Mary Hill. After all of our years of the road trips to the Gorge I had never seen it. Last spring on my trip to London we opted to skip the real thing so I was glad I got to see the fake one. And there was no one else there... probably wouldn't have been able to say the same thing about the real one.