Photo wall inspiration

Photo display

I was looking through an old issue of Cookie Magazine and ran across this photo collage in Tina Lutz's son's room. Really fun! I was thinking this might be something to do in our basement, which we are remodeling right now. I'm always on the hunt for interesting ways to display family photos (and the kids' artwork) -- and inspire my clients to order more prints from our photo session. hee hee. I'll try and scan more ideas as I see them.

Photograph by Melanie Acevedo.

Is it Christmas yet?

Last Thanksgiving I was stalking photographers I most admire on Flickr when I stumbled across an image from Leah (one of my biggest idols) with the photo description saying she and Deb Schwendhelm (another one of my stalking victims) are hosting a photographer's retreat.

Now normally I would dillydally about signing up for these things. Should I go? Should I not? Until I'd most likely not have to make a decision because the registration would finally close. Not this time. I hit the sign up button within minutes (which was very good because it sold out in three days). Not typical Jana behavior. Ever since that moment I've been giddy with anticipation and even recruited my friend Fran to go too. I can't wait to soak up everyone's creativity, learn and come back inspired.

March 12 needs to hurry up and get here, because I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Note: The images above are for the ones I submitted for the portfolio review. We were instructed to pick the images WE love, not one a client or someone else would pick. These are mine, and I have to admit it was difficult to pick my ten.

Photo ring

[caption id="attachment_243" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="Good Time Ring from Etsy"][/caption]

I saw this ring on PoppyTalk today and thought I need a client who wants a photo for this ring! Or maybe I just need this ring. It seems perfectly legitimate to call it "advertising" and write it off, right?

First Artist Date Rating: C

How could my first artist date score so low? Personally I felt it went quite well but according to the rules, I have to deduct some points for not carving out the full two hours and for allowing others to "crash" my artist date. I was on my way to Ballard because for some reason Ballard seems to be a place to bring out my inner artist -- and inner scandinavian (or outer Scandinavian since most people looking at me may easily guess my ancestory). I was barely on the road when the "I remember when I lost my mind" Gnarles Barkley ring tone interrupted me. It was my BFF . "I think we should meet up before movie club to have dinner. How is 5:30?" And because I adore any rare time at all with BFF I said, "yes, although I'm supposed to say no." My car made a U turn into downtown Seattle instead of Ballard.

Now I had dwindled my self date down to one hour. No matter. I decided to stop into Peter Miller Books, Paper Haus and then wander down to the Pike Place Market when who did I see? Kellianne who I was going to see a movie with in just a few hours anyway. "Join Buster and me at the Virginia Inn for happy hour!" And since I can hardly decline to join two awesome friends for happy hour at one of my favorite Seattle joints I said, "okay." Plus I should mention that Buster was one of my inspirations for buying The Artist's Way and he has started this great site to facilitate the Artist's Way program. How could I pass this up?

So before I joined my friends I hit the Pike Place Market....


Broke out of my rut and bought tulips for myself of all different colors instead of all the same colors....

... listened to a drunken busker belt out "Oh Canada!" (What an awesome national anthem. I never knew it could be a fun party song.)

... I peeked into all kinds of funky market places, like the Tenzing Momo and admired a really huge nose ring and some funky smells....

and then I wandered back to the Virginia Inn with mis amigos for happy hour before seeing Straight Man (an AMAZING movie I highly recommend.)

Wow, what a great night. I'm ready for my next artist date. I'm thinking of going to hear Ryan Burns play some jazz at Tula's. Although Ry is a great friend so perhaps my artist dates are doomed. Aiming for at least a B grade next time!

My artist date

I recently bought this book, The Artist's Way to read for inspiration. Really, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it turns out the book is a 12 week program. One of the items you have to commit to is an "artist date" with yourself for two hours once a week. I liked this one! Wow, two hours doing something fun and inspiring for myself? Sign me up! But then my husband told me he thought my commitment level to this program was low. Nothing like having the husband call me out on my low commitment level to challenge me, especially since I was most worried about taking time away from him and the kids to do this. But with the husband's challenge and blessing, I'm doing it! There's a contract to sign in the book so today I'll be taking some ink to it. We'll see where this ride takes me. My first artist date is late this afternoon, and I must say the thought of it has put a little energy in my step today.