Client sample: custom fine art canvas

custom canvas family portrait A client ordered this canvas from a session last summer and it is now sitting on my mantel awaiting pick up. I don't think I'm ready for it to go yet. It is kind of weird to have a custom canvas of someone else's kid prominently displayed in your house though, isn't it? And the dark hair is such a giveaway that she isn't a Kleitsch kid. Will have to order a canvas of my own to replace this gem when it is gone.

Summer Photography Special!

As I look out the window at the gray clouds I am envisioning all the summer portrait photography sessions I'll be doing this summer where there is sun... and bare feet... sand... ice cream... the beach. Is it working yet? Have I conjured Mr. Sun to pay us a visit yet? If not, hopefully I've conjured up the idea in your mind to book a session!

This is my first time at running a "special" and I'm excited because it feels like I'm finally doing some marketing (which it turns out I'm surprisingly terrible at). Contact me for available dates. I only have 5 weekend dates left through August. Weekdays are still fairly open but expected to book up soon.

Let's get some beautiful fine art canvases on your wall! I have a planning guide to help you design a beautiful wall with custom fine art photography (free with your session).

Canvases by the Sea

One of my clients just picked up canvases for their wall which got me thinking that I needed canvases for my wall too! I added text over two of the 10x10 images for some texture. Carmel by the Sea. Love that place. I'll be hanging these in my bedroom when they arrive. Can't wait!

BTW, I just put together a canvas wall planning guide for my clients. If you book a session let me know if you are interested and I will get one to you before our session.