Take Two

I first tried to photograph this family last Saturday. It had been beautiful all day but when I got to Lincoln Park in West Seattle the rain started to pour. We moved the party to Endolyne Joe's and had a good time sans camera instead. We rescheduled for later in the week and what a blessing. The day was the best of the year. We had a great time and the little girl who just turned one was hands down the best behaved, zen baby ever. What a treat!

This was the little girl's first time on a swing. She liked it!

Love the little toes!

I've been friends with this dad since high school. Good to see he can clean up so well!

And his beautiful wife. Score!

The West Seattle Ferry is off to Vashon Island.

Mommy and her girl.

Daddy and his girl. So sweet!

Good to see such a happy couple.

Senior photos Seattle style

I've known this stunning girl's mama since kindergarten when her family moved next door. It was no surprise that her daughter turned out to be as beautiful, nice and talented with the gene pool highly in her favor. We had a fun time shooting in her grandparent's amazing house, and then headed to one of my favorite feel-good Seattle places, the Olympic Sculpture Park. Growing up I never thought I'd be photographing my friend's kids, but how cool is it to be a tiny part of the next generation's memories? I'm feeling blessed.

Audrey Hepburn?

Her grandparent's have a library in their house that has forever made me dream of my own library in my house! One day!

(Tip: do not lean on the "artwork" at the Sculpture Park unless you want Big Brother to embarrassingly call you out via the loudspeaker.)

One of those "I'd better pinch myself" moments

A few nights ago we decided to take our little ghetto boat out for a picnic dinner cruise around Puget Sound (always a good excuse to have egg salad sandwiches for dinner!) We dropped an anchor which happened to be near a buoy. And that buoy just happened to be a regatta marker for the regatta that turned out to be coming right at us! The thought crossed our minds that perhaps we should move but the boats that came near didn't seem to mind. I did not want to move as I was enjoying my prime seat in the house with my 85mm lens and camera I happened to grab along when running out the door with the egg salad sandwiches. The battery was almost dead but managed to survive until after the last boat tacked around the buoy. I said to my husband, "this is living the good life." And yes, I really did pinch myself. We could not have had a better evening if we had planned it.

Sneak Peek: The C family

I appreciate all the great families I get to meet while being let into their homes to photograph them. The C family is no exception. I wanted to stay and hear more about their time in the Peace Corps and how they met in Bulgaria. Not to mention stare into their little guy's blue, blue eyes for a few more hours! I tried out a new camera as my Nikon D700 is in the shop. The Nikon D3S lives up to its reputation as "it is a BEAST!"... but a beast I'd like to own for certain. When dealt lemons (camera in the shop), make lemonade (rent fancy camera)!

Sneak Peek: L family

My photo session with the L family was bittersweet. For one I was really happy to see my former neighbors who have since moved to the midwest, and see how their daughters have grown. And I was really honored they'd hire me for a photo session on their vacation. But then sad part was that it made me miss them! We had a fun time at the Normandy Park Cove which worked great because in the background of many of the photos you can see their old (and my current) hood of Three Tree Point. Their mom described the girls as Tomboy Princesses. I love it! They are ready to jump, leap, explore and play in the sand -- but always wearing a tutu! Awesomeness. I found I edited many of the photos in black and white because you know, Seattle is GRAY. Why not play up the gray with more gray?

Of course the session ended with a non-waterproof pair of Uggs wading in Puget Sound.

Hope to see this family again before the girls are really grown up!