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Embracing the fear.... Here goes!

Dancing on the edge of failure is when we feel alive.
— Seth Godin

Yep. Right on, Seth.

In between my Costco runs, picky eater meals, re-learning 4th and 6th grade math, science, history and everything else, I have a lot of ideas churning. I listen to podcasts like Seth Godin's Startup School and Michael Hyatt's This is Your Life. (When people see me with my headphones they probably assume it is Beyonce but really I'm geeking out.) I miss working. I miss collaborating. I miss feeling like I'm accomplishing something. BUT I feel guilty every time I sit in front of my computer while my family is home. I want to be plugged in to THE FAMILY and not my computer. I don't want all their memories of me hunched over a device.

With all that back story,  this post is about me announcing: I'M LAUNCHING A PRINT SHOP! This project is sloooowwww going. Molasses slow. Here I am blaming the family for my self imposed lack of time but really it is indecisiveness and fear that keeps me from pushing myself into new directions. I'm printing up images on my museum grade printer on museum grade paper. I'm making mistakes and learning. I'm loving it. I'm feeling alive. The final step is the scariest. Trying to put it out to the universe to see if anyone cares. What if I painstakingly create these prints and they languish? What if I waste a bunch of our family money? My husband thinks "just keep making my favorite gluten free cookies and don't bother." But I need to be doing something. Pushing myself. Having my own accomplishments outside of the kids. I'm trying to overcome this fear and honestly, having a project that kind of scares me is invigorating.

This is the first sneak peek and hopefully you will hear more from me soon about HOW TO BUY said prints. Did I mention I'm working on a remodeling project? And re-learning geometry and algebra? So yeah, it could be awhile at this rate.

I hope you will stay tuned.... and maybe even buy a print from me someday.

Feliz cinco de mayo amigos!

P.S. If you haven't guessed by my elusiveness, my first batch of prints will focus on MEXICO, my favorite place on this earth (and that is saying a lot.)