Reese - One year!

I've been photographing this little lady every few months for first year of her life. It has been great -- I walk next door and get my baby fix and photograph the best smiles. Happy first year Reese! It has been fun watching you grow! And I think Reese may go down in the books as the most agreeable baby I've ever photographed! No meltdowns in four sessions? Awesome.


Take Two

I first tried to photograph this family last Saturday. It had been beautiful all day but when I got to Lincoln Park in West Seattle the rain started to pour. We moved the party to Endolyne Joe's and had a good time sans camera instead. We rescheduled for later in the week and what a blessing. The day was the best of the year. We had a great time and the little girl who just turned one was hands down the best behaved, zen baby ever. What a treat!

This was the little girl's first time on a swing. She liked it!

Love the little toes!

I've been friends with this dad since high school. Good to see he can clean up so well!

And his beautiful wife. Score!

The West Seattle Ferry is off to Vashon Island.

Mommy and her girl.

Daddy and his girl. So sweet!

Good to see such a happy couple.

Seattle Baby Photos

Normally I don't post photos on the day I take them, but when I have cute, cute, adorable baby photos on my computer it is hard not to go through them... then start editing, then post here. This beautiful little girl was so serene. Hardly a fuss, except at snack time and pretty much unflappable. Lucky parents have a real beauty on their hands!

Baby Theo : Week One

My BFF had a baby boy! Here's a glimpse of his first week at home. I'm hoping to go back again soon to get my baby fix. I like being able to hand him back to mom for the feedings and the diapers. That's my kind of baby fix. From what I can tell he's going easy on the parents and mom is doing amazing after a c-section. Yippie! I couldn't be happier for them all.

Next up, hospital photos!