A glimpse of the fourth of July at Three Tree Point

Here it is Labor Day weekend and I'm finally getting around to "working" and posting the photos from the last national holiday! I know labor day weekend should mean no labor but photography rarely feels like labor to me. More like a labor of love. And speaking of love, these photos remind me of how much I love my neighborhood. The fourth of July is a big reason to live at Three Tree point. Here are photos from the big day.

Let's start with the flag raising ceremony. After 25 years the location is has moved a few houses down to that of another neighbor's house.

Emcees Andy and Ashley opened the ceremony with a Three Tree Point-ized rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside" (although by the time they sang this song Seattle was starting to warm up and dry out!)

Last year's King and Queen honoring the former "hosts" of the flag raising ceremony for their roughly a quarter of a century of hosting!

One of our local heroes speaking about the terrible living conditions of other parts of the world, making us feel even more lucky to be where we are.

What is this? A "welcome to the neighborhood rap?" Of course.

New neighbors had to do a dance when called to the mic. This was a first... and maybe a last as if the word gets out new neighbors may avoid next year's flag raising ceremony!

In my opinion this couple had the best "new neighbor" dance. They must have been practicing!

Doug Shadel telling a story from his book about a shipping story gone afoul.

Beth playing the ukulele! And the new neighbor kids raising the flag... ALMOST all the way up!

The new King and Queen of three tree point... another almost! Scott P stands in for Scott Schaefer as the official King went MIA during his coronation. I guess the hydroplanes in downtown Burien were more exciting for the editor of the B-town Blog.

The neighbor kids sang Katy Perry's "Fireworkds." Little Harper stole the show with her solo.

So many cute 3TP kids!

The King and Queen leading the parade.

The ladies on their respective wheels.

My son being the antagonizing big cousin.

A group of girls performing at the "South Beach Amphitheater."

My husband in his favorite position, in front of a microphone (with a fake hair hat) singing with the Three Tree Point Blues Band.

A gaggle of relatives catching the show.

View from my bedroom deck. Lots of flags.

The moon was almost as spectacular as the fireworks this fourth of July.

Happy labor day!