About the session

Q: What should I expect for our session?

I dress very casually for our sessions and I plan for getting dirty. I usually wear rain boots or flip flops just in case I need to wade into a mud creek or Puget Sound (it has happened.) I chat a lot in hopes you will forget about that big lens I am pointing in your direction. I like to keep the session moving by trying new angles and locations. If we visit a park plan on walking around. I love to capture you interacting with each other, so I may try and chat a bit to warm you up, then I may try and slink into the background to let you interact without feeling as if you are being photographed. Sometimes I ask families to do things that may sound silly like jump or run around. Those photos turn out great. I never know what is going to happen in a session. I like to step back and let things happen naturally so I can get photos as natural and spontaneous looking as possible

Q: Where will our location take place?

Anywhere! I like to mix it up so every session is unique. Is there a special place you and your family like to go? A favorite park? The Pike Place Market? The beach? How about your house? Your house may not feel “special” but years from now you’ll enjoy seeing your family in its natural habitat.

For more inspiration see my blog post on my favorite locations with session examples.

Q: How many shots do you normally take in a session?

The amount of photos taken varies from session to session, depending a lot on how many people I’m shooting and how long we can last. I try to take a lot of photos of various combinations of family members, so the more family members, generally the more photos I shoot. That is the long answer. The short answer is up to 300.

Q: Do you have tips on making things easy for shooting young kids?

Early morning works best for those still napping. I am a natural light photographer so early morning (and an hour or two before sunset) are best times for light as well. Please have non-messy snacks with you and light colored liquids for small children. I am not a candy person but I do believe m&ms can help in meltdown situations.

Q: What if someone gets sick right before our session?

I too am a mom and I know, these things happen. Please let me know as soon as possible if someone in the family isn’t feeling well and I’ll work with you to reschedule.